Artist's Statement

We have three different goals in our statement:
1. The celebration of our culture and roots. The knowledge of our language and history. Research, solidarity, and  openness to learn from cultures close to us and any culture different from ours.
2. The need to maintain an integral and solid work ethic to oppose the dynamics of underpaid work in the industry in Italy. To push the dialogue and a coming together of the animation and VFX authors in Italy to discuss, get to know each other, recognize each other and outline and establish rules. Instead of squeezing resources to reach standards, we aim to make a virtue of necessity and make the most out of what we have.
3. Representation. To assist underrepresented or misrepresented communities, such as the LGBTQIA+ one in Italy, to which part of us proudly belongs.

One should remember that every line we follow has a political connotation, including work on the cultural aspects and enhancement of our territory. Art is our way of doing politics and demanding to be represented with seriousness in a world that changes daily. The communities we belong to are tired of being pushed aside and struggling to obtain their fundamental rights. We believe in a world where peace and solidarity prevail and diversity is a virtue. Childhood plays a decisive role in forming aware and equipped individuals to build a better world.


Photograph by Kris Dirse. "The Window" artwork by Chiara Tomasello.
The episodes of the show are still available on the studio's YouTube channel.

Flora's Room: The YouTube show

A little conversation with Flora on how it began...

Candu apu incumentzau, "Flora’s Room" fiat sa tenta cosa mia de formai unu show televisivu po pipius. Apu traballau in su progetu de su 2012 a su 2015. Su cuncetu principali de sa primu stagioni fiat su de mudai s'aposentu aundi sa protagonista si fiat apenas mòvida a su logu de is bisus cosa sua (dd'apu incumentzada candu femu furriada de pagu de sa Sardìnnia a Londra). Su progetu punnàt a amanniai creadividadi, pantasia, a si spassiai, a sperdi s'allòriu e a imparai a s'intendi asseliaus in d•unu logu nou e in d•unu sètiu nou (chi pipius meda s'ant a depi afrentai a dii de oi, po intzimias vàrias: traballu de is babus e mamas, partziduras familiaris etc. - a si movi e a cambiai nd'est bessiu bastanti normali). Su primu episòdiu in presèntzia dd'eus arregistrau in d•una festa de bidda in Sardìnnia (Itàlia).
S’acuntèssiu dd’eus apariciau imparis a s’organizatzioni "Zampaverde" (Pro Loco Arbus). Su cuncetu principali de sa segunda stagioni (Flora's Room: The Window) fiat a fabricai unu bistimentu de supereroi chi trassessit (a tipu sprigu) sa personalidadi de su pipiu.
Is organizatzionis de beneficèntzia chi aguantànt su progetu fiant: Children with Cancer UK, Love is Louder, EMERGENCY, WWF, Greenpeace e NEVER GIVE UP.

When I first started, "Flora's Room" was my attempt to create a TV show for kids. I worked on the project from 2012 until 2015. 
The main concept of the first season was to turn the room where the protagonist had just moved in into the place of her dreams (I started it when I had just moved from Sardinia to London). The project aimed to develop creativity, fantasy, to have fun, avoid boredom, and to learn how to feel comfortable with a new place and a new situation (which many children today have to face, for many reasons: parents jobs, divorces, etc. – moving and changing has become quite usual).
The first live episode of the project was filmed during a village fair in Sardinia (Italy). The event was run together with the organization "Zampaverde" (Pro Loco Arbus). The concept of the second season of "Flora's Room" (Flora's Room: The Window) was to build a superhero costume that reflected the child’s personality. The charity organizations supported by the project were: Children with Cancer UK, Love is Louder, EMERGENCY, WWF, Greenpeace, and NEVER GIVE UP.