Our production company is dedicated to telling inclusive stories and fairly representing the LGBTQIA+ community and love. We aim to reach a wide audience, including children as young as six.

Entertainment has always been a passion for us, even before it became our profession. We can't pinpoint when our desire to pursue this path began, but one phrase guides our work: "Become what you needed when you were younger."

Had we, at eight or nine years old, seen characters and stories on TV that reflected our feelings, our growth would have been as complex as any child's, but no more so. Our hearts would have still broken, but we wouldn't have faced the additional burden of shame, fear, and self-rejection.

We don't carry the weight of regret for the carefree growth we missed due to societal neglect. But now, as active members of society, we strive to do better for children who need representation, just as our friends in various professions are doing.

It's all about teamwork, education, and most of all, representation.

We want future generations to see the value of their feelings and needs. Without accurate media representation, there is no change. We aim to raise awareness and encourage children and their parents so that future adults will live without regrets or fears. Transgender adults will recognize themselves in their childhood photos, having had the support to transition early. Homosexual adults will love freely without hesitation. Future individuals will be free from labels, insults, stigmatization, and stereotypes, growing up secure in their feelings and needs.

Our goal is for no child to feel out of place again.