The goal of our production company is to tell stories that are inclusive and that offer a fair representation of the LGBT+ community and love. We work to extend our message to a wide audience (to include also children as young as 6+).

Animation, for us, has always been a passion before becoming a job. We cannot explain how the will and desire to pursue this path started, but there is a phrase that always comes to mind in doing our job: "Become what you needed when you were younger".

We know that if at eight, nine years old, when the passion for cartoons and animation was already strong, we'd seen references on television, in channels dedicated to children of our age, or programs that included characters and stories that represented our feelings at the time, we wouldn't have had to spend years struggling to analyse them and bring them out. Our growth path would have been as complicated as that of our peers, but no more complicated than theirs.

Our heart would have broken anyway, but we wouldn't have had to go through shame, fear and rejection, first and foremost, of ourselves.

We know that we don't have to carry on our shoulders the weight of a regret for which we are not to blame, that of having missed a more carefree growth, which has not been granted to us by the neglect of the society in which we live.
However, we know that with this awareness, precisely because we are now active members of this society too, we can try to do better for children who need to feel represented, just as our friends who now hold roles of sports professionals, teachers, social workers and so on are doing.

It's all about teamwork, education and, most of all, REPRESENTATION.


What we are proposing are not films that underline the dramatic aspect of being a member of the community in this historical period, even though that aspect is also important to report and emphasize. We aim to bring adventure films, compelling stories, fantastic scenarios in which LGBT+ characters are portrayed with inclusiveness, proposing protagonists who are included in the reality that surrounds them, without hint of diversity.
We want the next generations to recognize and see the weight of their feelings and needs valued.

Without accurate media representation there is no change. We aim to raise awareness and encourage children (and their parents) that one day will be adults with no regrets and no fears. Transgender adults who will look back at their photographs and recognize themselves always, in each of those photographs, because they had enough support to start the transition process as soon as they felt they needed to. Homosexual adults who won't have to go through hundreds of antechambers before they feel free to love. Future women and men who will not have to respond to labels, insults, stigmatization and stereotypes... who will be free to grow in their feelings and needs.

So that no child or kid in the world feels out of place again.