The journey of our first animation short film.
Distributed by 7 Palms Entertainment, LLC.


S'ammuttadori es parte de nosu.* He knows us all. But how much do we know him? As much as we know ourselves. Anna and Las are both experiencing a busy night full of nightmares. Each of them fights with their ammuntadore, or rather, with their own perception of it. The ammuntadore, in Sardinian culture, represents the demon of the night. He assaults us while we sleep and shows us the origin of our greatest fears. The deepest ones. Anna and Las are both part of two similar stories of lost innocence, albeit in different ways... albeit distant. Yet they find each other. At the end of the journey, at the end of the dream. Las's destination, once awake, is reached through a quiet inner flight, accompanied, step by step, by the drive towards her true love. Because, even in the dark, it is important to remember that we are not alone.

*In Sardinian: the ammuntadore is part of us.


A little conversation with Flora...

My team and I made this short film by exploring Sardinia, the island where I come from, and highlighting the local cultural aspects and the natural wonders it has to offer (the sounds of a scene are recorded in the cave of Ispinigoli in Dorgali; the scene in the woods was mixed using a typical Sardinian tenor song; the chase scene was mixed using the sound of the tools they use to forge craft knives in my island). The figure of the "ammuntadore", the sleep demon, who transports the two girls into their nightmares, comes from a Sardinian legend. I am very attached to my land. My works revolve around celebrating it.

"We Are Not Alone" is about a very important moment in my life, the moment I met my first love, what it meant for me then, and the way my mind processed the memory over time. This short film is also very much about how I felt when I was with her... and what I wanted to do for her so that she would never suffer again. To turn back time and be there when things went wrong. With the belief that you have as a teenager, that you can save the world... I wanted to save her world. As she was saving mine. It is a film about two solitudes that meet. Two girls who, finding each other, are no longer alone.

The story of "We Are Not Alone" comes from a chapter of the book "The World of Las", which I have finished writing in 2018, and that inspired my third photography exhibition. The decision to make the characters less detailed than the environments was born to emphasize the contrast between the two worlds described in the story. All this is linked to the original settings on which the short film is based, part of an experiment that sees the protagonist's mind as the concrete place, and therefore more colorful and detailed, while the people who inhabit it as imaginary, distant and ghostly. In the photographic experiment, this objective was achieved with the use of a big periscope through which the woman was projected live into the scenarios built inside the theatre (see press kit for references of the photographs). The book about the experiment was published in 2019 by Officina Libraria (Milan) and presented for the first time at the Santa Teresa Media Library (Brera) in Milan in February 2019. On the same occasion, the photos and the interactive installation involving the periscope were exhibited and available to the public for a month.