In designing our pipeline, we wanted to combine the versatility of 3D animation with the expressiveness and visual impact of 2D animation. 3D animation gives access to the ability to move the camera in real-time in space and easily change the frame's angle and the focal length of the virtual lens. It also gives you the ability to play with the lights in real-time and change lighting very quickly. It, therefore, unlocks a much more cinematic approach. It also allows long-term productions such as TV Series to recycle assets easily.

However, 2D animation leaves much more room for creativity, design, and style, thus making it possible to adopt new, distinct and characteristic aesthetics.

We combined the two worlds to exploit the maximum potential of both and also boost production cost-effectiveness. We tested our pipeline on the short film Q. The film will be available at the end of 2023, but we will soon have a little preview for you!


We are beyond proud to announce that Sara Saez, who worked on one of our characters, the goat Costaverde,  
from our project "The World of Las", will be a speaker at Blendiberia 2021.

The team of Flora's Room wants to thank Minimo VFX, where Sara works as a rigging artist, Sara Rebuli and Felix Balbas for this great opportunity they are giving to our project. Without their investment in our pipeline and in our dreams, and without their amazing artists, like Sara, this wouldn't have been possible.

Stay tuned! Blendiberia 2021 is coming on Sunday 19th of December.